Saturday, 27 April 2013

Filofax Setup and Tools

Hi Guys,

I am going to show you how I have set up my filofax and what I use to decorate it. So here goes:

Filofax Personal Vintage Jack
I love love love union jacks ( I know they are not Union Jacks unless they are flying on a ship but meh) so when I saw this in staples for £10 I knew I had to have it.
Postcard of the Eiffel Tower is the first thing I see 
I want to go to Paris so the post card is to remind me that I will get there sometime soon.

Zipped pocket from Paperchase
I got the zipped pocket from Paperchase and I keep in it the main things I use, small stickies from Staples, Martha Stewart stickies, and the teardrop stickers (have heard Staples aren't selling her stationery anymore so when I make another trip will have to stock up)
Flyleaf covered with mini stickies
I covered the flyleaf with mini stickies as I use these when I catch up with tv shows or if there is something I need to do.
My stock of washi tape
I saw this idea on Imysworld and thought it was a great idea as I have started to get a collection of tape so it comes in handy when buying new rolls.
My divider for the monthly section
I found this paper in a local art shop and thought it would be fantastic as a divider (I love the book Wizard of Oz)
On my monthly I use it as a blog planner so I can plan my blog posts I also have to do lists added as I am trying to read 100 books this year and because I have so many it helps me plan what books I'm going to read that month.

Another sheet from The Art Shop, for Week to View
Week to view
Here is my week to view (you have a sneak peek at next week's My Week post). I put to do lists during a lot of weeks if there's stuff that I need to do, or remember.
Note paper divider
This was another paper sheet I found in The Art Shop I thought it would be a great divider.
Sample of my notepaper
I have a load of notepaper, some I've printed myself and others I've bought. The above paper is part of a memo block that I cut down to size and punched to fit in.
To Do Divider
Sample of divider sheets
 I also have a lot of to do sheets and thought the Martha Stewart ones would look good and bring a bit of colour.

Ingredients Divider
Ingredients list
 I cook and bake a lot so I created my own insert for ingredients when I'm going to cook something (they always come in handy)
Finance Section
 I put a finance section in and tried to use the finance sheets but it didn't work, I do watch the Martin Lewis show and he has some good advice so I jot it down and placed it in here.
Birthdays and Anniversaries 
My Insert
 I created an insert for birthday's and anniversaries because I can not remember dates so I always check this before the start of every month to see who I need to buy cards for.
TV/ Catch Up
Blu Rays we still need to watch

 I have bought a load of blu rays and just haven't had time to watch them so this reminds me which ones I still need to watch.
TV notes
 There have been some good programmes on recently but due to their being loads I have a TIVO box recording so these sheets help to see what is on, on what day so I can catch up later and clear the box off.
TV Catch Up Insert
 As I said previously I have loads on my TIVO box so this helps me to know what I still need to watch.

My Basket
 In here is some of the main stuff that I use I have my sticky notes, washi, tape, stickers, inserts, just everything really.
 I love using stickers, my favourites are the Alice in Wonderland but I have loads of them (cats, ducks, lanterns, birthday messages, tea cups)

Large Rilakkuma rolls
 I bought the Rilakkuma rolls from Artbox (which I have only just recently discovered), and I just thought these teddies are cute.
Washi Tape

A lot of my washi tape comes from Hobbycraft, but I have found some in other places such as Wilkinsons, The Art Shop, and Artbox.

Sticky Notes
I love sticky notes as I use these for reminders, tv I've caught up on and anything and everything.

Sticky Tabs
 I use the sticky tabs to make dividers (barring the ones with points, they are used when I need to do something or for holidays I have left for work).

 These are some of the pens that I use, I do have a case that I take everywhere with me. I love Schneider pens, I use the fineliners quite a lot, as well as the sharpie ultra fine fineliners that I use for naming sticky tabs.
Pen Case
 I got this on a trip to Cyprus, and with the amount of pens that I carry with me I need a large case.

 As you can see I keep a lot of pens on me, I have started to use the Pentel sign pens which I love, I also bought some Faber-Castell Dry Textliners, which I am surprised with how good they are.

I hope you liked how I set up my Filofax and a look into some of the stuff that I use to decorate it.

Thanks for tuning in


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