Saturday, 15 June 2013

Delivery - Tapes

I had a brilliant surprise this morning I had 2 parcels come through the door:

My Parcels, with free rubber bands from Royal Mail

2nd Parcel

Washi Tape from
Washi Tape

In the box was my order from washi tapes, I order a tape with labels on, a washi tape that changes colour, thin tapes, and a custardy yellow one.
On another note I had tried to order and had problems going to the checkout, and due to the trouble was given a 10% discount, thank you washi tapes and I will order from there again.

Kawaii Tapes from Amazon
I ordered 10 Kawaii tapes from Lau&Home, through Amazon, these tapes were chosen at random by the seller, but I have to say I am impressed with the selection, (I got some with Paris on so that's me happy)
Kawaii Tapes from Lau&Home
You will see some of these washi tapes in the coming weeks. I also have another delivery due of MORE washi tape (Post coming soon).

Thanks for tuning in


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