Monday, 1 April 2013

Teesside Park

For a post Easter-pre back to work trip me and my partner went to our local retail park for a bit of retail therapy (well I did my partner just came along)


 Went into staples and grabbed some more Martha Stewart labels and a to do list, a filofax hole punch, some more Inkjoy pens, coloured paper (so I can print some inserts), some plain sticky labels, reinforcement rings, sharpie ultra fine pens, and some more ARC rings.


 Had a nosy in clintons and saw these sticky notes, I love Paris and have always wanted to go, also grabbed some pens while I was in there


 I also went into Hobbycraft and grabbed some decopatch papers which I'm gonna use to cover my dividers, also found some nice washi tape, as well as some boxes for all my stickers and some ribbon (I use a lot of ribbon).

 Thanks for tuning in


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