Monday, 8 April 2013

My Week: Week 14

Here is Week 14:

My Monday to Wednesday was a tiny bit busy, me and my partner went to Teesside Park on Monday and did some shopping, went to see The Host on Wednesday (which was quite good, see my post for my thoughts).

I has a recipe list as I was making a hot cross bun treacle tart for Easter Monday, I also had to send a condolence card to my friend as she recently lost her mother. Took my stepson, and goddaughters to Splatt which is a local pottery/soft play place. My partner got a voucher from groupon for three kids to go into the soft play area so we took them along, and Sunday was a chill out day (we enjoyed the nice weather in the conservatory while reading)

Here is my hot cross bun treacle tart ( I found the recipe at my local Sainsbury's store, you can also find it on their website).

Thanks for tuning in.



  1. Mmm hot cross bun treacle tart. Two of my favourite things in one!
    And how did you enjoy Doctor Who?

    1. The tart was lovely went within 20 seconds, I thought Doctor Who was quite good 'The Rings of Akhaten' was a good starter to explore more of Clara's past, but my only niggle was that it was a bit of a slow starter for me.