Monday, 15 April 2013

My Week: Week 15

Here is Week 15:

As you can see week 15 was quite busy near then end of the week.

Had meetings at work, and went to see Oblivion (very good see my post here). The green stickies are when I've started any books (helps me keep track of the dates I started books - I'm trying it out see if it helps with my book journal). Me and my partner took my stepson and goddaughter to Preston Park as it was a lovely day.
I ended up covering on Thursday morning, and we had a rep in doing an audit, it was also planned to do a medical supplies order (due to time constraints we didn't get a chance to do it)

Me and my partner also ended up babysitting for his sister's little girl on saturday.

Overall it was a somewhat quiet week, but a busy weekend.

Thanks for tuning in



  1. Such beautiful colorful pages! Love it :)

    1. Thank you, I think if the pages are bright they'll help me to remember all the stuff that I need to do.