Monday, 29 July 2013

My Week #30

Welcome to My Week #30.

I am now somewhat back on track with posts (More to come of the Filofax Photo-A-Day, Weeks 3+4)

This week I am calling my Skeggy Week (due to the fact that I was in Skegness most of the week)

Welcome to Skegness
Welcome to Skegness
Week 30_1
Week 30 - Part 1
The weather was fabulous (we did have some thunderstorms, but they cleared really quickly which was fantastic), so on Monday we headed towards the beach to relax (I read Amy: My Daughter - Mitch Winehouse, a very sad book regarding Amy Winehouse's life and her battle with drink and drugs).

We also took Thomas to a dinosar themed park called 'Lost World', it wasn't too bad but me and my partner think they were still building most of it while we were there (this theory was confirmed by news report on the local news when they were opening).

Me on Skeggy Beach
Me on Skegness Beach
As you can see the sun was out in full force. We did spend some of the week at Fantasy Island due to Thomas having a weekly wristband

Week 30_2
Week 30 - Part 2

The holiday camp we were staying at had their own arcades that dealt out tickets, so we spent some time acquring tickets for thomas to get an Angry Bird cuddly toy (2,000, but we ended up getting 2,876 tickets overall)

On the Friday, us adults got day wristbands and managed to get on some of the rides at Fantasy Island, I was overjoyed to get on the Millenium rollercoaster as the last time I had been on that was with my grandfather years ago.

We came back on Saturday, but spent some time on the sea front as the local RNLI was having an open day and were launching their rescue boats at 3pm

Skegness Lifeboat Day
RNLI Skegness

We had a good last day, my mum won a bottle of wine, we watched the launch of the rescue boats, and had a last ice cream of the holiday.

Overall last week was a great week.

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My Week #29

I know my Week 29 is a bit late but I was away last week with family, so better late then never:

Week 29_1
Week 29 - Part 1
Most of the week was spent packing for our trip, so it was a very quiet week. I did go to a Partylite Candle party again and roped myself in to having my own party as well.

You can also see that I have used the travel checklist from Lime Tree Fruits, this was brilliant as it made me excited for my holiday and allowed me to make a list of things that I was going to need.

Week 29_2
Week 29 - Part 2
We went Saturday morning to Skegness, and spent the time in a caravan (wasn't as bad as I thought it would be). The camp where we were staying had pantomimes on every night so we took my stepson to most of these. We also spent some time at Fantasy Island (a theme park), where we got my stepson a weekly wristband for him to go on the kids rides.

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sporadic posts

Hi guys 

I'm away at the mo and wi-fi can only be found in the cafe so my posts are gonna be rare this week, but expect a load when I come back

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Uni Ball SIgno Standard

(Disclosure: I have not been asked by companies to review anything, these are my own opinions regarding stationery that I have bought myself)

I bought these pens a while back and thought I would write up a review of them

1_Uni Ball Signo Standard
Uni Ball Signo Standard Pens
The design is quite simple, and you can see quite clearly how much ink is left in the pen. What grabbed my attention was the design of the pen, how simple it was but it still catches your eye.

2_Writing Sample-Uni Standard
Writing Sample
The pens write quite well and no sign of any lines through the ink, they also don't blob which is a good point, and they don't feel scratchy on the paper.

3_Bleed Through-Uni Standard
Bleed through
As you can see the bleed through is minimal (and even this could be because I push down quite hard when I write)

4_Nib-Uni Standard
Uni Ball Signo Standard
I will admit I love these pens, they write out in bold colours and they don't bleed through the paper, and the look of them are so simple but brilliant.

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Monday, 15 July 2013

July Filofax Photo-A-Day - Week 2

As you already know I am participating in the July Filofax Photo-A-Day challenge, here is week 2:

8 - Inspirational

9_Planning Must Haves
9 - Planning Must Haves

10 - Colourful

11_Your Name
11 - Your Name

12_What's inside that pocket
12 - What's In That Pocket?

13_Today's agenda
13 - Today's Agenda

14_The leaning tower of Filofaxes/planners
14 - The leaning tower of Filofaxes/ Planners
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Week #28

Welcome to my Week 29:

Week 28
Week 29 in Birdie
Week 29 was quite quiet, managed to catch up on my reading, caught up with a gossip with one of my friends, and my partner took his son on his first ever nursery trip.

It also came out at the weekend that actor Cory Monteith has passed away, I'm a latecomer to Glee but that show is addictive. It is very sad news and at only 31.

Smudge's kittens are over 2 weeks old and getting huge, on Wednesday, it was very upsetting as we lost the last of Maggie's kittens and one of Smudge's so a very sad day for us all.

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Saturday, 13 July 2013


So something different today, I went to Primark last weekend for a nosy at their holiday range and here is what I found:

Haul for holiday
I grabbed a blue and white striped beach bag to put towels in and any other essential items that we may need, I also saw the union flag on the black bag (as its waterproof i can put my kindle in their while I'm on the beach. I also saw the black and white spotty cosmetics bag (I am gonna use this as a travelling stationery pouch, I will do a post on this) I also thought the red backpack would be good in the car to put my stuff in, in the car.

I will blog about the items when they're in use.

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Monday, 8 July 2013

July - Filofax Photo-a-day (Week 1)

Carla over at Friday, I'm in Love, has been running the filofax photo-a-day challenge for July and I have been taking part.

Here's my week 1 for you lovely people.

1 - Love

2_Currently Using
2 - Currently Using

3_Brand New
3 - Brand New

4_Next to Something
4 - Next to something

5_Planner + bag
5 - planner + (man)bag

4_lunch time
6 - lunch time

7 - On your wishlist

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Week #27

Welcome to My Week 27:

Week 27_1
Week 27
As you can see I am using 'Birdie' (An A5 planner from Paperchase), and I am using Paperchase inserts that came with the planner.

Last week was a busy week, I spent a lot of it covering at work, so it was nice Friday being able to catch up with my own work.

Our other cat Maggie gave birth to kittens on Wednesday, but we lost 1 which was quite upsetting, and on Sunday we lost another one of her kittens due to the heat, so we are doing as much as we can to keep them warm but not too warm.

Week 27_2
Close Up of Saturday + Sunday

Sunday we went to see Newcastle Diamonds vs Sheffield Tigers, where we won 62-34.

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Weekend Haul

This weekend I ended up going to both the Metro Centre and Teesside Park and got a great haul (a lot of items were on offer so grabbed a couple of bargains as well)

Staples 29.06.13
Staples - Metro Centre
I picked up some of staples own Sonix gel pens, I also grabbed an A5 notepad, Papermate Flexigrip elite (Black), and a papermate Inkjoy 550 in black.

Staples - Teesside Park
While we were at Teesside Park I had a nosy at the staples there to grab some more of the papermate flexigrip elite pens as they are fantastic to write with, I also stocked up on some Martha Stewart Tabs, colour coding labels, and thought I would try some other labels as well.

The Works 29.06.13
The Works - Metro Centre
I headed into The Works and found this tote bag (I've previously seen other bloggers using totes like this 1 and thought it might be a good idea. I also grabbed these sticky notes with little tabs on them thought these might come in handy in the future.

Paperchase 29.06.13
A5 Planner - Paperchase
While I was at the Metro Centre I just had to go in Paperchase and while I was in there I saw the planner above and thought it looked gorgeous so I had to grab it.

Deco Tape
I also found these tapes while in Paperchase and thought they would look good in my planner on the new pages.

Sticky Notes
I also found these sticky notes, the set in the tin I tried to order online but they stopped selling them so imagine my surprise when there they are in the store on the shelf.

A5 lined paper, roller stamps
 I also grabbed some A5 lined paper for 'Birdie' and I saw these roller stamps.

Paperchase Stickers
They also had a load of stickers on clearance so I had to grab some especially the camper vans

Toki Yoki 29.06.13
Toki Yoki
There is a store at the metro centre called Toki Yoki and they sell a lot of Japanese items I found a notebook and some stickers.

Hobbycraft haul
On Sunday we went to Hobbycraft, and I was able to pick up a load of sale items. I also grabbed some Christmas Stamps as well as deco tape ready for Christmas. I also managed to get a tub of pigment inks.

Stamp pads from the tub
As you can see I got quite a good range of colours from the tub, there where a couple of doubles but that's fine with me because if any run out at least I have spares.

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Frankenweenie (PG)

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own and I have reviewed this on my own accord.

Frankenweenie (2012) Poster
Image from
Dir: Tim Burton
Starring: Charlie Tahan, Winona Ryder, Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short.

The film revolves around Victor who is a young boy who's only friend is his pet dog Sparky, Victor's parents want Victor to make friends his own age and his father enrolls him onto the baseball team, while hitting a home-run, Sparky runs after the ball and gets knocked down.
The film was good in places and the plot easily flowed, I found that I loved spotting the old movie references relating to the old Boris Karloff movies.
This is Frankenstein for children, and it has been transferred very well, all the old elements are still there but they have been toned down. Even though this is aimed at children, adults will still like it. I found it to be heartfelt with Sparky being a great character, I loved the interaction between Sparky and Persephone the poodle.

Overall a good movie, if you like Tim Burton go and see it.

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tower Block (15)

Dir: James Nunn, Ronnie Thompson
Starring: Sheridan Smith, Russell Tovey, Jack O'Connell, Julie Graham, Montserrat Lombard.

The film revolves around the residents of the top floor of a tower block that is due for demolition, the start of the movie sees the brutal murder of a young teen in the corridor, and all the residents locking their doors and turning a blind eye. One resident leaves her flat and tries to help the young teen but gets beaten up for her trouble.
One morning a sniper starts shooting into the tower block killing residents and injuring others, the residents take cover in the hallway on the top floor and try to escape.

The premise of the movie is sound and is quite believable, tower blocks are seen as a breeding ground for violence, and people are scared of reprisal if they try to stop something. I found myself jumping out of my seat when the first shots broke out, as they came so unexpected. I found the movie to be quite unpredictable, with some movies you can guess who is going to wind up a victim, but a lot of the sequences came as an absolute surprise as well as some of the booby traps which I never expected.

The film (even though it is good) is slow to start at the beginning, as you are shown the seperate stories of each of the residents, and because there is quite an ensemble cast you do forget who is who.

Overall a great British movie, and I would recommend it if you like a whodunit.

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Monday, 1 July 2013

My Week #26

Welcome to another installment of my week 26:

Week 26_1
Week 26 (Mon - Wed)
The start of the week was really quiet, I was off Wednesday due to my ankle sprain a couple of weeks ago, so spent most of Wednesday catching up with the TIVO box.

Week 26 (Thurs-Sun)
The rest of the week was busy, went to see 5 mini plays at Middlesbrough Library, where my partner was part of 1 of the plays.
At work I had UPS coming to pick up some boxes from a previous research team, and on Saturday, me and my partner, with my friend, goddaughter, and stepson to get my goddaughter her birthday present. I got a call from my mother on Saturday to say that 1 of our cats had just given birth to a kitten, so it was a surprise as we thought she might be we just weren't sure.
Sunday we headed up to Teesside Park and had a look at Hobbycraft (post is coming soon)

Smudge's kittens
Here are Smudge's kittens, they are so cute.

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