Monday, 12 August 2013

Week #32

Welcome to My Week 32,

Week 32_1
Week 32 Part 1
Monday to Wednesday was somewhat busy especially at work, we had a holter test that had to be downloaded and sent off but due to scheduling conflicts between me and the HCA it had to be moved a couple of times

I also decided that I need to update my book journal (I take a notebook with me at all times to write up notes about the book so that when I come back to do a write up I always have notes about the story and the characters) Am way behind with updating it so that was a main priority on Tuesday. I have been using an ARC notebook as my book journal but I have read 70 books so far this year and it just can't take anymore pages so I was needing too buy some A5 poly pockets at the weekend and a A5 lever arch file to fit it all in.

Wednesday, me and my partner went to see Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (I will be doing a review soon on this) It was absolutely hilarious go and see it if you havent yet, I was crying with laughter.

Week 32_2

Thursday was a quiet day the cats had an appointment at the vets for their boosters and a couple of treatments.

Friday was spent worrying about needing to program a holter test as the HCA who does them is on holiday and there was a request from the GP for a patient to have one done. I also had a meeting regarding an information package that we are putting into use at the surgery, and at lunch time I was told I shouldn't have been in (I actually had the day off and totally forgot about it), but instead of wasting half a day I just stayed in for the rest of the day and added it back onto my hols.

The weekend was spent relaxing as last weekend was quite a stressful one, I headed into the town centre and at the Art Shop I came across some Alice in Wonderland Stamps and I stood there for 5 minutes thinking wether I should buy them or not (as you can see I did and they look fantastic). We took my stepson to see Newcastle Diamonds vs Redcar Bears (a huge win for us 58-37)

Thanks for tuning in


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  1. LOVE the AIW stamp!! I have one of just the mad hatter, but I'd like to get another of at least Alice and/or the Rabbit, eventually!.. Your butterfly stamps are sweet too! ~tina