Monday, 22 April 2013

Stationery Finds

While I was off on Friday, me and my partner had a look round the local town centre, and I found some good stuff:

Art Shop

We have a shop in the town centre that deals specifically with arts and crafts, I'd previously seen paper in there and thought they might make good dividers in Jack (My Filofax, I've christened him lol)

Dominoes, blue leaf, and the Wicked Witch of the West

Wicked Witch and Scarecrow
 These I thought would make great dividers (will post in the future about my Filofax setup still tweaking it abit).
 I also found these small sticky notes and some washi tape, thought these would make a good addition to my craft box (I will do a post on my craft box and contents in the near future).

Sticky notes, washi tape, date stamp, duck sticky notes, duck stickers, and some binding rings
 I also had a look in our local rymans and grabbed a date stamp for my book journal, then I saw the duck stickers and sticky notes (I love ducks, as seen with my banner lol)


Washi tape, sticky notes
 I also had a look in our local Wilkinsons and came across this washi tape, (I have been looking for a yellow one for the summer months) I also found the sticky notes and thought they would look good in October.

Washi Tape

Thanks for tuning in


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