Friday, 12 April 2013

Birthdays/ Anniversaries Inserts

After my successful ingredients list for my Filofax, I decided to try and make a birthdays/ anniversaries insert.

In my pocket Filofax I had a really nice insert

Birthday's insert for the pocket Filofax
Now I searched high and low in Staples and WHSmith for this insert for the personal Filofax and I couldn't find it. I did search on the Filofax website and it was available there but then I thought I did OK with the insert for my ingredients so how about making my own, I know what I want it to contain, and what I want to add to to it.

I did have some mishaps with the insert (my printer didn't want to play ball with the paper and started to spit it out), but I persevered with it and managed to get what I was aiming for (see below)

As you can see the insert is some what identical but I have moved things and there are more rows (which I thought I had screwed up with and thought I wouldn't be able to write in the spaces), I added an image into my insert to jazz it up a bit (am tempted to customise some more by adding ribbon down the side, or some balloon stickers at the bottom of the page). I also decided to print on a pastel blue paper, I thought this would not brighten it up but make it look a bit better.

I did manage to write in the spaces and because the paper is such a thick GSM the ink doesn't leak through (which is fantastic).

Thanks for tuning in


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