Friday, 28 June 2013

Cult Pens Order

I recently made an order on cult pens, and they arrived yesterday:

Staedler Lumocolor, Pilot Bottle to pen, Pilot Juice, Lechtturm pen loop, and Pilot Frixion in Orange

Pilot Petit 2 Sign Pens, Staedler Triplus text surfers, Caran d'Ache Eco Ballpoint pens, and Copic Glitter pen.
You'll see some of these reviews in the Stationery Must Haves in the coming weeks.

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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own and I have reviewed this on my own accord.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012) Poster
Image from IMDB website.

Starring: Adelaide Clemens, Kit Harington, Sean Bean, and Carrie-Ann Moss.Dir: Michael J. Bassett

The film revolves around Heather and her father Harry (Sean Bean), who have been moving round from place to place to escape the police, due to Harry killing a person in self defence. Heather with the help of Vincent (Kit Harington) head to Silent Hill to try and find her father.

There are some jump out of your seat moments (Just wait for the elevator shaft) and sometimes it can just be seen as a tiny bit slow going with the plot. I found that the jump out of your seat moments were few and far between, and some of the film just seemed a tiny bit unbelievable, now I haven't played the games, but I did watch the first movie (which I loved) and I found this just couldn't hold a candle to it.

I found myself liking Adelaide Clemens, she became believable as a woman who didn't know what was happening or why it was happening, and in all those mad moments with monsters popping out she managed to act scared well.

Overall an OK film, if your a fan of the games go and see it, if your a fan of the first movie still see this it may answer some questions that you have from the first movie.

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Monday, 24 June 2013

My Week #25

Here is my week #25:

Week 25_1
On Monday and Tuesday I was off work ill, I had a chesty cough (that my mum decided she wanted to share with me), so spent most of Monday and Tues in bed catching up on TV and watching movies.

Week 25_2
Blog plan for Week 25
I'm finding that having these blog plans during the week helps push me to blog, so I'm gonna keep these up.
Week 25_3
Tues + Wed
Wednesday, I was back at work, which was manic, we also had a form to send off recorded delivery. We managed to get to the cinema to see The Iceman starring Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, and Chris Evans (review coming soon).
Week 25_4
Tuesday, I was off ill and as you can see I caught up with some movies and some TV
Week 25_5
Thurs to Sunday
Thursday was quiet, but I ended up going to the docs on Friday as I still had my cough. My parents went to London for the weekend so me and my partner had the house to ourselves so just vegged out infront of the tv.
Week 25_6
Thursday close up.

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Deco tape in Sainsburys

I was just in sainsburys the other day when I noticed these:-

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this lovely deco tape from sainsburys and I just had to grab it.

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Bargain Notebooks

I was in Waterstones a while ago and my partner came across these notebooks:-

Bargin Notebooks
Bargain Notebooks
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that they were selling these for 10p each, so I had to get 1 or 4.

Yellow Peacock Notebook
The yellow notebook contains loads of peacock illustrations and the paper feels very lovely.

R+T Notebook
R + T Notebooks
I was looking for one of these notebooks with the letter G on for my name but only managed to find T and R (These have some significance. My partner's surname starts with R, and my stepson's name starts with T)

Spiral Notebook
Spiral Notebook
This notebook inside looks fantastic and may be used as a journal.

Now I have these notebooks I need to figure out a use for them lol.

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Teesside Park 19.06.2013

We went to the cinema to see The Iceman starring Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, and Chris Evans, so while we were over at Teeside Park I thought I would have a little look in Staples and Hobbycraft if i was lucky.

Staples 19.06.13
Staples Haul
 I didn't really buy that much from Staples this time due to the fact that it's near the end of the month, but the coloured notebook was only 70p and the stickies I use to mark down when I've started a new book, and the clips I use a lot at work so must haves basically.

Hobbycraft Papers
Hobbycraft Papers
I saw these papers in Hobbycraft and thought that they would make excellent dividers in Jack and Violet (and Saffy (purple Saffiano) if I can get her next month

Hobbycraft Sale
Hobbycraft Sale
Hobbycraft were also having a sale on some clearance items so I managed to get some stickers, stamps and some gorjuss notelets for under a tenner.

Hobbycraft Items
Hobbycraft items
I also grabbed some more smash books, deco tape, ink pads, and stamps. ( a lot of this you will see in the coming weeks).

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

My Week #24

I know I'm late with my week, but I was off work on Monday and Tuesday this week due to sickness so was unable to get to a computer.

Week 24_1
Mon + Tues
On Monday as I was walking to work last week my foot went under me and I sprained my ankle so last week wasn't that much of a good one.
I managed to catch up with some shows on the tivo box and I bought myself A Good Day to Die Hard (Really good film).

Week 24_2
Wed + Thurs
Wednesday I went round my friends so my partner could watch Imaginarium from Nightwish (he's a BIG Nightwish fan)
I did an order from washitapes (I finally bit the bullet and ordered from there)

Week 24_3
I had a problem with checkout as it didn't register my sale so I emailed washitapes and it construed that nothing had been received and because of the trouble it took me, I was given a 10% discount on my next order. I will be shopping there again in the future.

Week 24_4
Fri + Sat
I spent most of Friday evening updating my filofax and updating my book journal, i also managed to get a hold of Neverwhere (BBC Radio 4 play starring Natalie Dormer, James McAvoy, Benedict Cumberbatch, and many more), It was very good kept me enthralled for 3 hours straight.

Week 24_5
Sunday - Father's Day
And as you all know Sunday was Father's Day.

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Father's Day Dad

Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there and especially to my dad 

Happy Father's Day Dad.

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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Delivery - Tapes

I had a brilliant surprise this morning I had 2 parcels come through the door:

My Parcels, with free rubber bands from Royal Mail

2nd Parcel

Washi Tape from
Washi Tape

In the box was my order from washi tapes, I order a tape with labels on, a washi tape that changes colour, thin tapes, and a custardy yellow one.
On another note I had tried to order and had problems going to the checkout, and due to the trouble was given a 10% discount, thank you washi tapes and I will order from there again.

Kawaii Tapes from Amazon
I ordered 10 Kawaii tapes from Lau&Home, through Amazon, these tapes were chosen at random by the seller, but I have to say I am impressed with the selection, (I got some with Paris on so that's me happy)
Kawaii Tapes from Lau&Home
You will see some of these washi tapes in the coming weeks. I also have another delivery due of MORE washi tape (Post coming soon).

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Movie: The Purge

Starring: Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey
Movie Ticket

This movie was really good very brutal in places and emotional.

I found myself crying during the film, Ethan Hawke was fantastic in the film and all I can say for Lena Hedey no-one messes with the queen.

The movie at times was predictable you knew from the beginning that something was up and that you knew what was going to happen.

Barring the predictability and the brutality of the film it was still good. 

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Monday, 10 June 2013

My Week #23

Welcome to My Week 23:

I bought an insert from WHSmith's that was 2 days a page (as you can see i've reverted back to Jack and Violet has been put back on the shelf for the time being)

Week 23_1
Start of Week 23
The start of the week had me covering at work (which was absolutely manic and a baptism of fire I can tell ya)
Week 23_2
Tues + Wed
Tuesday I had training regarding a new scheme that is coming in at work and most of it was spent catching up with the tivo box.
I bought some coloured flash cards from WHSmith's as well as I thought that they would look quite good in Jack and would be good when it came to things that needed to be done that week (due to the fact that they are bright you can't miss them)

Week 23_4
Thurs + Friday
Thursday, I went to my friends to pick up my partylite order and we ended up chatting till 11pm lol. Friday I was invited out by another friend for a night out.

Week 23_5

Saturday, was shopping for Father's Day, managed to get everything that I wanted and ended up spending a small fortune in Paperchase (see post).

Week 23_6
Saturday (under the sticky note)
On Saturday morning me, my partner, and my stepson ended up watching Wreck-It Ralph (a really good film).

Week 23_7
Sunday (Under the sticker)
Sunday, me and my partner ended up going to Newcastle to see the Speedway team the Newcastle Diamonds, they were against the Ipswich Witches. The match ended up being a draw.

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Local finds

On Saturday, I went into town to grab some father's day gifts ready for next Sunday, and I decided to have a look in Paperchase and a shop called The Art Shop (they do loads of art related items).

I first went into Paperchase and found a large clouds pencil case, handy notes sticky notes, small pair of scissors, stickers, and flowery sticky notes.
The handy notes look fantastic as you can fold the fingers down and make hand signs, I have currently placed in my Filofax a 'Call Me' hand sign, and I did try a rock one but it didn't go too well. We have had some hot days so i was looking for stickers that had some suns on, was unable to find any, but I did find some ice cream stickers and thought they would be a good alternative.
The Art Shop
I also headed to our local arts and crafts store and found some A4 card that I thought would make good dividers in Jack, and i also spotted washi tape so I grabbed 4, there is a cobweb, butterflies, robots, and music notes.

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Pilot V Pen (Fountain)

(Disclosure: I have not been asked by companies to review anything, these are my own opinions regarding stationery that I have bought myself)

I remember having a pilot v pen when I was younger and I found them in Staples so grabbed myself some.

Pilot V Pens (Fountain)
Pen Nib

The pens are simple in their design, with the top of the pen cap, bottom end of the barrel and the writing on the barrel showing you what colour the pen is. The barrel has a see through section near the cap showing the ink level in the pen.
Writing Sample
Bleed through
The pens write smoothly and no evidence of the ink just soaking into the paper, there is minimal bleed through. What I have noticed is that over time the ink will bleed through even the thickest of papers and when it does it will change colour. I won't use these pens for everyday use but I will if i have really really thick paper so that I can minimilise bleed through later.

Overall, they are nice pens if you want just a disposable fountain pen but the worst thing is that there may be minimal bleed through now but give it time and the ink will bleed through.

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Teesside park

I went to Teesside Park again at payday this month and you all know what that means Staples:-

Staples haul
I managed to get some more Martha Stewart coding labels, notebooks, a green frixion pen, and also some expressions scotch tape. I grabbed some bulldog clips that contain messages (Urgent, Copy, File, To Do) for work.

I also went to Hobbycraft where I got some scrapbook paper with a summery feel I also got some washi tape, smash books, ribbons (which were on sale for £1 each), ink pads, and some clear stamps.

I also went to WHSmith's and grabbed a 2DPP, coloured record cards, fan thin pens, light blue frixion pen and the orange scotch expressions tape.

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Metro Centre

A late post on stationery that I bought.

Me and my partner went to the Metro Centre a while ago and I just had to go to staples.

I'd heard that the Martha Stewart range was being discontinued at Staples so I just had to stock up on some of the sticky tabs. I also grabbed one of the light blue notebooks. I've kept a journal/ diary for years and recently I just don't seem to write as much as i used to when I was younger, seems life has caught up with me. So i thought for a grown up journal grab a nice Martha Stewart one while it was on offer.

For the eagle eyed Filofax spotters you will see the Violet A5 Domino, I got it on offer at £20 (I love Filofax but I haven't got the cash to pay full price (even though I may be tempted with the original in yellow). I also bought a plastic A5 folder to go in the back so I can put in sticky notes, sticky tabs, paperclips, and other things.

We went to Ikea and they had this coloured paper block (orange, white, and silver) I thought it would look nice in Jack

I also went to Paperchase and bought some more Washi Tape (I wanted the blue one with white stars but there was none in store, will have to order online). I also grabbed some pencils (just because they were brightly coloured)

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Monday, 3 June 2013

My Week: Week 22

Welcome to My Week 22.

I didn't post that much last week as I was away from Thursday to Sunday. So lets get on with the show:

The first half of my week consisted of me catching up with the TIVO box to clear off some shows ready for it recording at the weekend.
I also went to the hairdressers and had my hair cut and re-dyed (It's a dark purpley colour, £69 eeek) but it looks good.

The above is the Millenium Stadium when the track has been laid and below is a sticker of who I was supporting (Tai Woffinden).
We started first at Swindon, which was rained off so we never got to see any racing and ended up in the hotel bar.

Friday we headed towards Cardiff and went to the Doctor Who Experience (and with the news breaking that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who at Christmas it was much more of a special visit, Pics coming soon).

Went to the Grand Prix on Saturday, the atmosphere is fantastic, and even though Tai didn't win another favourite of mine did (Emil Sayfutdinov).

Tai Woffinden (He had a crash in Heat 14, and had to be taken to Hospital)

1st: Emil Sayfutdinov, 2nd: Niels Kristian Iversen, 3rd: Krzysztof Kasprzak
Emil Sayfutdinov with his trophy.

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