Monday, 27 May 2013

My Week: Week 21

Welcome to my Week 21:

As you can see my week was quite quiet, we had time out at work on Thursday (this is when the practice shuts and we use this time for training, we had CPR training)

Me and my partner are wanting to go and see the new Fast & Furious 6 movie, but he hasn't seem 3 - 5 so I put on 3 and 4 and we just need to catch up with 5 before we go away ready for next week.

I was nominated on Wednesday for a Leibster Blog Award by Lady Filo over at My Filo World (thanks for the nomination I still appreciate it). I've only just seen this recently on other blogs and now I've been nominated it is a really good award by allowing people to see blogs that don't have a big readership.

The weekend was spent enjoying the sun, we had some  nice weather and spent the Sunday in the garden blowing up a paddling pool for my stepson, while my niece decided she was gonna sit in it in her pyjamas (that's 14/15 year olds for you).

Next week will be a lot busier as we are off to Swindon and then Cardiff at the end of the week. We are off to Cardiff for the Speedway Grand Prix. I know a lot of you are going to be unsure as to what that is so I will add a link to the SGP website (Just click on the SGP). We are also going to the Doctor Who Experience (I so can't wait for that, hope they have some items from the most recent series)

Thanks for tuning in



  1. I hope you post tons of pictures from the Doctor Who Experience! It's something us Americans won't get to experience :(

    1. Will do, will add a post about it with loads of pictures.