Saturday, 31 August 2013

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Dir: Declan Lowney
Starring: Steeve Coogan, Colm Meaney, Sean Pertwee, Anna Maxwell Martin.

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Cinema ticket

This movie is absolutely hilarious, I remember watching Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge when I was a kid and this movie just looked quite funny, and by god it was.

The story is mainly North Norfolk Digital is being bought in a takeover and rebranded for a younger audience, and the older DJ's are up to be fired. To save his job Alan tells the execs to sack his friend Pat. This then leads to an enraged Pat taken the radio station hostage.

Now the theme is not one that you would imagine to be hilarious in any way but Coogan does it, he has you rolling in the aisles and the part that will always make me giggle is the Geordie in the cupboard (people who have seen this will know what I mean). The movie was full of one liners from start to finish.

Overall a great British comedy and worth a watch.

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Cosmetics Clear Out

Now I was in Boots today, and bought myself some new cosmetics (post to come soon), when I realised that my make up was due for a clear out, a lot of it I haven't used for ages and with some of it I couldn't remember when I'd bought them (think that is the moment when you should throw them out)

I have two bags containing cosmetics, one big vanity case from Primark and a vanity case from Argos (primark one contains cosmetics that I don't use all that often, and the argos one contains my current favourites)

I did a search on the internet to see what really is the shelf life for certain cosmetics and when they should really be thrown out, and I was quite astonished to see that mascara was only good for six months.

So here is my cosmetics clear out (just in time for payday)

Cosmetics Clear Out_1
Cosmetics to throw (They have been here awhile)
As you can see there was a massive amount of cosmetics that needed to be thrown (i buy them then don't use them, I should really wear some while I am at work but i'm just lazy in the mornings)

I went through both bags and decided which needed to be thrown (which was a lot of mascaras) and piled them up in a tub ready to go straight to the bin.

Cosmetics Clear Out_2
Current Cosmetics that I use
Once I cleared everything out it all fitted into my Argos vanity case (which is completely tiny). As you can see I like easy to appy eyeshadows that you can take with you, especially when on a night out (they say they last for hours but sometimes that is just not the case).

Cosmetics Clear Out_3
Cosmetics Plan
While I was clearing out my cosmetics I came up with the idea of creating a plan of what items I had bought and when they were due to be thrown out, this would then stop me from creating a huge collection that would then have to be binned because I've hardly used them (and maybe save me some money as well.

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Monday, 26 August 2013

Week #34

Welcome to Week #34

Week 34_1
Monday to Wednesday
Another busy week, Monday I was off ill, and it was also the Newcastle vs Man City match (which was diabolical 4-0 come on!!!) Monday and Tuesday was spent round my partners parents as he needed a new car and was buying one off of his dad. Wednesday was spent at the cinema seeing Elysium starring Matt Damon (Review coming soon)

Week 34_2
Thurs to Sunday
Thursday was a training day at work so that was spent logging my colleagues on a new staff intranet system and then spent updating said system with the common numbers that we use.
Friday was a quiet day, we had Thomas (my partner's little boy) over the weekend.
Saturday was the start of the bank holiday, Saturday we had a trip to Redcar (the weather was a bit crappy but we still had a good time) we went up the Redcar Beacon and Thomas went on some of the rides they had there.
Sunday was spent sorting our bedroom out we now have two rooms to move freely around so it was time for a move around.

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Week #33

Welcome to Week #33

I was slow updating due to quite a busy week last week and no time to crack open the computer.

Week 33_1
Week 33 - Mon to Wed
Monday to Wednesday was quite busy, me and my partner went to see Kick Ass 2 on Wednesday (I will be posting a review soon). It was a fantastic movie. Monday and Tuesday was spent covering due to staff shortage.

Week 33_2
Week 33 - Thurs to Sun
The rest of the week was quite quiet, we spent the weekend babysitting for my partners sister, and taking a birthday card round for my best friend's partner.

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Monday, 12 August 2013

Week #32

Welcome to My Week 32,

Week 32_1
Week 32 Part 1
Monday to Wednesday was somewhat busy especially at work, we had a holter test that had to be downloaded and sent off but due to scheduling conflicts between me and the HCA it had to be moved a couple of times

I also decided that I need to update my book journal (I take a notebook with me at all times to write up notes about the book so that when I come back to do a write up I always have notes about the story and the characters) Am way behind with updating it so that was a main priority on Tuesday. I have been using an ARC notebook as my book journal but I have read 70 books so far this year and it just can't take anymore pages so I was needing too buy some A5 poly pockets at the weekend and a A5 lever arch file to fit it all in.

Wednesday, me and my partner went to see Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (I will be doing a review soon on this) It was absolutely hilarious go and see it if you havent yet, I was crying with laughter.

Week 32_2

Thursday was a quiet day the cats had an appointment at the vets for their boosters and a couple of treatments.

Friday was spent worrying about needing to program a holter test as the HCA who does them is on holiday and there was a request from the GP for a patient to have one done. I also had a meeting regarding an information package that we are putting into use at the surgery, and at lunch time I was told I shouldn't have been in (I actually had the day off and totally forgot about it), but instead of wasting half a day I just stayed in for the rest of the day and added it back onto my hols.

The weekend was spent relaxing as last weekend was quite a stressful one, I headed into the town centre and at the Art Shop I came across some Alice in Wonderland Stamps and I stood there for 5 minutes thinking wether I should buy them or not (as you can see I did and they look fantastic). We took my stepson to see Newcastle Diamonds vs Redcar Bears (a huge win for us 58-37)

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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Back into varnish

So I'm back into nail varnish, I have these moments I'll see some nice colours buy them then use them and I'll get bored again but I'll always come back to it.

I was in Boots recently and saw a women with 2 nice coloured nail varnishes so I managed to have a nosy around and found where she got them from.

The range is called Sinful Colors and are being sold for £1.99 which isn't a bad price but cheap nail varnish does chip quite quickly so I'll see what happens

The colour is called Savage and it is a nice colour goes on quite thickly but it does dry quite quickly as well. I also bought a bright purple colour so will have to post about that one

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Week #31

Welcome to My Week 31:

Week 30_1
Monday to Wednesday
The start of the week was quite quiet (this was mainly due to the fact that payday was on Wednesday, and both me and my partner were both skint)

To celebrate pay day we decided to do an Orange Wednesday and go and see The World's End (The final in the Cornetto Trilogy starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) - A brilliant movie and I will do a review on that soon.

Week 30_2
Shopping List for the Metro Centre
On saturday we were heading for the Metro Centre, so I had to keep a shopping list of what I wanted (i got everything but these kraft stickies from Paperchase, they seem to have stopped selling them, and I have lost the pack I had - so so so gutted)

Week 30_3
Thursday to Sunday
Thursday was my partners birthday, so we had a little celebration with a cake, and then we were back out the door as we had to head to my friends to get my partylite order (may post re partylite, their candles and especially their melts are fantastic).

Saturday was spent at the Metro spending a small fortune, and Sunday was the biggest day of the Doctor Who calendar, Who was going to be playing the 12th Doctor. This was later revealed to be Peter Capaldi (I am honestly looking forward to what Peter Capaldi can bring to The Doctor, don't get me wrong I loved David Tennant and Matt Smith, but Capaldi can take this into a whole new direction)

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