Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cult pens

I went on Cult Pens and saw some pens that made me go ooh, so I made a purchase.

Faber-Castell - Textliner Dry
I thought I would try these dry textliners to see if they were any good (and because they were in pencil form they won't bleed through the page).

Staedler Textsurfer Gel
I thought I would also give these gel highlighters a go as the description said that they would not bleed through and that they were inkjet safe.

Zebra Z1 Ballpoint Pen
I love the Zebra Z1 they write really well and are inexpensive (I will be doing a stationery must have on these in the future so keep an eye out)

Schneider Slider Reload
I love Schneider pens, and with their slider range you really can't go wrong.

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