Saturday, 31 August 2013

Cosmetics Clear Out

Now I was in Boots today, and bought myself some new cosmetics (post to come soon), when I realised that my make up was due for a clear out, a lot of it I haven't used for ages and with some of it I couldn't remember when I'd bought them (think that is the moment when you should throw them out)

I have two bags containing cosmetics, one big vanity case from Primark and a vanity case from Argos (primark one contains cosmetics that I don't use all that often, and the argos one contains my current favourites)

I did a search on the internet to see what really is the shelf life for certain cosmetics and when they should really be thrown out, and I was quite astonished to see that mascara was only good for six months.

So here is my cosmetics clear out (just in time for payday)

Cosmetics Clear Out_1
Cosmetics to throw (They have been here awhile)
As you can see there was a massive amount of cosmetics that needed to be thrown (i buy them then don't use them, I should really wear some while I am at work but i'm just lazy in the mornings)

I went through both bags and decided which needed to be thrown (which was a lot of mascaras) and piled them up in a tub ready to go straight to the bin.

Cosmetics Clear Out_2
Current Cosmetics that I use
Once I cleared everything out it all fitted into my Argos vanity case (which is completely tiny). As you can see I like easy to appy eyeshadows that you can take with you, especially when on a night out (they say they last for hours but sometimes that is just not the case).

Cosmetics Clear Out_3
Cosmetics Plan
While I was clearing out my cosmetics I came up with the idea of creating a plan of what items I had bought and when they were due to be thrown out, this would then stop me from creating a huge collection that would then have to be binned because I've hardly used them (and maybe save me some money as well.

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  1. Oh my gosh.. GOOD IDEA!! Honestly, I'm surprised I'm not blind from using mascaras for too long; and I've had lipsticks go bad too.. So a chart for keeping track would do me a world of good I'm sure, because I just plain forget how old things ARE! Thanks for sharing this idea! ~tina

    1. Glad you like it, I was just going through all of it and I just couldn't remember when I'd brought any of them so a simple table with the date I bought them, the name of the product and when they were due to be thrown out, I could then put a note in my filofax, and then make sure I used them only the month before they ran out.