Thursday, 9 May 2013

iPOD Shuffle Playlist #1 (9th May 2013)

I just put my iPod on shuffle and came up with the idea of putting up a post on the 1st 10 songs that it plays (20 seemed a bit to much to come up with reasons as to why they were on my iPod), and maybe why the song is on my iPod (I will even add the cheesy ones), so here goes:-

  1. Under the Moon of Love - Shawaddywaddy

    • I grew up with my mum listening to bands that were big during her day and Shawaddywaddy was one of them, and with the song being in Lesbian Vampire Killers during the end credits, its a great song.
  2. Made to Measure - The Hoosiers

    • I love The Hoosiers, and this is from their latest album (at the time I bought it was called Illusion of Safety, but has been reissued as Bumpy Ride) 
  3. Come Dig Me Out - Kelly Osbourne

    • From Kelly Osbourne's first album 'Shut Up', a really good song and I will admit (even though I might get things thrown at me) not a bad album.
  4. Girl You Know It's True - Milli Vanilli

    • My sister had a Milli Vanilli album on vinyl and the song is their most well known and it's a good song
  5.  Carousel - The Bishops

    • This is a really good song from a reasonably unknown band (known to a few), from their first album 'The Bishops' (I have added a link if you want to check them out
  6. When We Are Together - Texas

    • You can't beat a bit of Sharleen Spiterri, Texas are a great band from the 90's and this song is just a great pop song.
  7. Flat Beat - Mr Oizo

    •  This song was released when I was at secondary school and is best known from the Levi's adverts and the puppet Flat Eric, it also reminds me, of me and my old schoolfriend doing the head banging bit to the fast beats in the song. Good memories.
  8. Waterfalls - TLC

    •  This is a brilliant song from TLC, it's so poignant, and talks of major issues.
  9. This Is The Last Time - Keane

    •  This is a great song from Keane, and from a good album
  10. Trouble Sleeping - Corinne Bailey Rae

    • I love this song, I find it such a great song and related to the lyrics, about not wanting to believe that I was falling in love.
I am  unsure whether to do this weekly or monthly or even fortnightly (You will find out with the next post).

Thanks for tuning in


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