Monday 24 June 2013

My Week #25

Here is my week #25:

Week 25_1
On Monday and Tuesday I was off work ill, I had a chesty cough (that my mum decided she wanted to share with me), so spent most of Monday and Tues in bed catching up on TV and watching movies.

Week 25_2
Blog plan for Week 25
I'm finding that having these blog plans during the week helps push me to blog, so I'm gonna keep these up.
Week 25_3
Tues + Wed
Wednesday, I was back at work, which was manic, we also had a form to send off recorded delivery. We managed to get to the cinema to see The Iceman starring Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, and Chris Evans (review coming soon).
Week 25_4
Tuesday, I was off ill and as you can see I caught up with some movies and some TV
Week 25_5
Thurs to Sunday
Thursday was quiet, but I ended up going to the docs on Friday as I still had my cough. My parents went to London for the weekend so me and my partner had the house to ourselves so just vegged out infront of the tv.
Week 25_6
Thursday close up.

Thanks for tuning in


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