Sunday, 9 June 2013

Pilot V Pen (Fountain)

(Disclosure: I have not been asked by companies to review anything, these are my own opinions regarding stationery that I have bought myself)

I remember having a pilot v pen when I was younger and I found them in Staples so grabbed myself some.

Pilot V Pens (Fountain)
Pen Nib

The pens are simple in their design, with the top of the pen cap, bottom end of the barrel and the writing on the barrel showing you what colour the pen is. The barrel has a see through section near the cap showing the ink level in the pen.
Writing Sample
Bleed through
The pens write smoothly and no evidence of the ink just soaking into the paper, there is minimal bleed through. What I have noticed is that over time the ink will bleed through even the thickest of papers and when it does it will change colour. I won't use these pens for everyday use but I will if i have really really thick paper so that I can minimilise bleed through later.

Overall, they are nice pens if you want just a disposable fountain pen but the worst thing is that there may be minimal bleed through now but give it time and the ink will bleed through.

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