Sunday, 9 June 2013

Local finds

On Saturday, I went into town to grab some father's day gifts ready for next Sunday, and I decided to have a look in Paperchase and a shop called The Art Shop (they do loads of art related items).

I first went into Paperchase and found a large clouds pencil case, handy notes sticky notes, small pair of scissors, stickers, and flowery sticky notes.
The handy notes look fantastic as you can fold the fingers down and make hand signs, I have currently placed in my Filofax a 'Call Me' hand sign, and I did try a rock one but it didn't go too well. We have had some hot days so i was looking for stickers that had some suns on, was unable to find any, but I did find some ice cream stickers and thought they would be a good alternative.
The Art Shop
I also headed to our local arts and crafts store and found some A4 card that I thought would make good dividers in Jack, and i also spotted washi tape so I grabbed 4, there is a cobweb, butterflies, robots, and music notes.

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