Monday, 10 June 2013

My Week #23

Welcome to My Week 23:

I bought an insert from WHSmith's that was 2 days a page (as you can see i've reverted back to Jack and Violet has been put back on the shelf for the time being)

Week 23_1
Start of Week 23
The start of the week had me covering at work (which was absolutely manic and a baptism of fire I can tell ya)
Week 23_2
Tues + Wed
Tuesday I had training regarding a new scheme that is coming in at work and most of it was spent catching up with the tivo box.
I bought some coloured flash cards from WHSmith's as well as I thought that they would look quite good in Jack and would be good when it came to things that needed to be done that week (due to the fact that they are bright you can't miss them)

Week 23_4
Thurs + Friday
Thursday, I went to my friends to pick up my partylite order and we ended up chatting till 11pm lol. Friday I was invited out by another friend for a night out.

Week 23_5

Saturday, was shopping for Father's Day, managed to get everything that I wanted and ended up spending a small fortune in Paperchase (see post).

Week 23_6
Saturday (under the sticky note)
On Saturday morning me, my partner, and my stepson ended up watching Wreck-It Ralph (a really good film).

Week 23_7
Sunday (Under the sticker)
Sunday, me and my partner ended up going to Newcastle to see the Speedway team the Newcastle Diamonds, they were against the Ipswich Witches. The match ended up being a draw.

Thanks for tuning in


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