Thursday 20 June 2013

My Week #24

I know I'm late with my week, but I was off work on Monday and Tuesday this week due to sickness so was unable to get to a computer.

Week 24_1
Mon + Tues
On Monday as I was walking to work last week my foot went under me and I sprained my ankle so last week wasn't that much of a good one.
I managed to catch up with some shows on the tivo box and I bought myself A Good Day to Die Hard (Really good film).

Week 24_2
Wed + Thurs
Wednesday I went round my friends so my partner could watch Imaginarium from Nightwish (he's a BIG Nightwish fan)
I did an order from washitapes (I finally bit the bullet and ordered from there)

Week 24_3
I had a problem with checkout as it didn't register my sale so I emailed washitapes and it construed that nothing had been received and because of the trouble it took me, I was given a 10% discount on my next order. I will be shopping there again in the future.

Week 24_4
Fri + Sat
I spent most of Friday evening updating my filofax and updating my book journal, i also managed to get a hold of Neverwhere (BBC Radio 4 play starring Natalie Dormer, James McAvoy, Benedict Cumberbatch, and many more), It was very good kept me enthralled for 3 hours straight.

Week 24_5
Sunday - Father's Day
And as you all know Sunday was Father's Day.

Thanks for tuning in.


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