Monday, 3 June 2013

My Week: Week 22

Welcome to My Week 22.

I didn't post that much last week as I was away from Thursday to Sunday. So lets get on with the show:

The first half of my week consisted of me catching up with the TIVO box to clear off some shows ready for it recording at the weekend.
I also went to the hairdressers and had my hair cut and re-dyed (It's a dark purpley colour, £69 eeek) but it looks good.

The above is the Millenium Stadium when the track has been laid and below is a sticker of who I was supporting (Tai Woffinden).
We started first at Swindon, which was rained off so we never got to see any racing and ended up in the hotel bar.

Friday we headed towards Cardiff and went to the Doctor Who Experience (and with the news breaking that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who at Christmas it was much more of a special visit, Pics coming soon).

Went to the Grand Prix on Saturday, the atmosphere is fantastic, and even though Tai didn't win another favourite of mine did (Emil Sayfutdinov).

Tai Woffinden (He had a crash in Heat 14, and had to be taken to Hospital)

1st: Emil Sayfutdinov, 2nd: Niels Kristian Iversen, 3rd: Krzysztof Kasprzak
Emil Sayfutdinov with his trophy.

Thanks for tuning in


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