Monday, 6 May 2013

My Week: Week 18

Here is my week 18:

The first half of the week was quiet but the weekend was busy. On Wednesday it was my stepson's birthday so me and my partner went to see him. We also went to my see my friend on the evening as well.
We have not had a cleaner at work all week as he is on holiday so we are all clearing bins away on a night until he is back.
On the right you can see a ticket for The Big Reunion tour, me and my partner had been at my nephew's dedication and he received a text from a friend seeing if we wanted some tickets as she couldn't go so we said yes, it was a brilliant night took me back to my teeny bopper days.

As you can see the weekend was busy, We took my stepson to South Shields with my god-daughter for his birthday and then we were at my nephew's dedication and went to see The Big Reunion.

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