Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Leibster Blog Award

Leibster Blog Award.

I was nominated by Lady Filo over at My Filo World, Thank you for nominating me, I really appreciate it.

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The Leibster Blog award is given to blogs that have under 200 subscribers, it allows more people to see smaller blogs, and see what they have to offer.

The rules are:
  • Post 11 random things about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions you’ve been asked
  • Create 11 questions for the Blogs you’d like to nominated
  • Nominate 11 blogs that have less then 200 subscribers.
  • Let them know by leaving a comment on their Blog
  • NO tag backs!

11 Random Things about Myself:

  1. I moved to the North East of England when I was 4 but I still have my London accent.
  2. I love the smell of raspberries
  3. My favourite flower is Lily of the Valley
  4. I own too many books (probably hit 500 if you add paperback and kindle together)
  5. I'm fussy when it comes to pens
  6. I'm a bad shopper, it takes me ages to decide on anything.
  7. I love Doctor Who
  8. I'm a drama queen in the kitchen when something goes wrong.
  9. I love twinings tea (Actually I just love tea).
  10. I am a chocaholic
  11. Can't stand the soaps (especially Hollyoaks)

Lady Filo's Questions

1. What's your favourite movie?
 - That is a toughie, i love movies, but I have to say Back to the Future (I had a huge crush on Michael J. Fox when I was younger)

2. Do you have a secret talent?
 - I can't tell you it's a secret (Ssh)

3. What would be your ideal occupation
 - Either working in music or something to do with books.

4. Do you have an addiction (other than a Filofax addiction!)
 - I have three Books, Movies, and stationery.

5. What's your celelbrity crush?
 - At the moment it is Jeremy Renner and Benedict Cumberbatch (Sorry can't choose between them!!)

6. If you were invisible where would you go or what would you do
 - I would probably head to the nearest Waterstones and spend my time reading the books.

7. What do you eat most?
 - Chocolate (I am a total chocaholic)

8. What's really funny about you?
 - Ooh I couldn't tell you but I think I have funny moments.

9. If you were given 1 million Euros/ Dollars/ Pounds; what you you do? or how would you spend it?
 - I would place some of the money in trust funds for neices, nephews, godchildren, and my stepson. I would send my mum and dad on holiday to Venice, Buy a house (I am currently saving up with my partner for a deposit), Shopping spree in London (Filofax would be the first stop)

10. If you were to make your own movie, what kind of movie would it be and what would it be about?
 - I think it would be a romantic comedy, something along the line of Bridesmaids.

11. What's your favourite holiday destination?
 - Cardiff, Wales (Has a great atmosphere, and it is the home of Doctor Who)

  1. What is your favourite season and why?
  2. What book are you currently reading?
  3. What is your favourite pen to use?
  4. Who is your idol?
  5. What food/ drink can you just not abide?
  6. If you could describe your life so far with a song, what song would it be?
  7. Cat or Dog?
  8. Do you use a pencil case?
  9. What is always in your bag?
  10. If you could visit anywhere on holiday, where would you go?
  11. What Filofax is on your current wishlist?
 My Nominees

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  7. My Holy Crap
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