Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A5 Violet Domino

A while ago I went to my local staples and saw they were selling the A5 Domino in Violet for £18.50 on sale and I loved the colour but I walked away. On another trip I saw it again but it was near payday so I was a bit skint and said to myself that if it was there when I came back after payday I would buy it. So payday came and when I went to staples it wasn't there and I was gutted. So on a trip to the Metro Centre in Gateshead I thought I would have a nosy in the staples there and to my utter amazement there it was. So for 10 minutes I argued with myself about getting it and reminded myself how gutted I was when it wasn't there so I did no more and bought it, and here it is:-

So for my week 19 I am test driving the A5 Domino in Violet see if I can get used to carrying it around (I will admit I do love the extra space on the pages)

Who out there uses an A5 Filofax during the week as their main planner?

Who uses an A5 Filofax for something else?

All comments welcome 

Thanks for tuning in


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