Thursday, 2 May 2013

Local stationery

Last weekend me and my partner had a look around our local town centre and I found some nifty things:


I thought I would have a nosy in smithy's as I've not been in there for a while and found some mini Maped freewriter pens. I thought these would be brilliant for my work jacket.


I also had a look in our local Rymans as I needed a pencil sharpener that had the 2 slots for my dry textliners.

I found the pencil sharpener, but I also found the Pilot Hi-Tec and thought I would give them a try (i don't normally play well with fine nibbed pens, I find them scratchy). I also found an eraser and some uniball pens which looked quite good.


Now when you think of Boyes and stationery you sometimes think it can be naff, but once you get rid of the naff items you can find something good.
I found these Sarasa pens and thought I would give them a go and see how they wrote.

Thanks for tuning in

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