Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Stationery Must Haves: Schneider Xpress Fineliner

I will be making posts regarding what for me are stationery must haves, any piece of stationery that I think I couldn't do without (which knowing me will be quite a lot of things).

(Disclosure: I have not been asked by companies to review anything, these are my own opinions regarding stationery that I have bought myself and think that I could not do without)

My first is Schneider Xpress Fineliner:

I love these pens and have been using them to write in my book journal, they write so smoothly and they don't smudge. I also use these at work when I have to take the weekly minutes, I have to write so fast this lovely pen can keep up with me without making my hand go numb.

I love these pens that much I have one blue and a black one in my work jacket pocket, I also carry some in my pencil case.

Thanks for tuning in.


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