Monday 1 July 2013

My Week #26

Welcome to another installment of my week 26:

Week 26_1
Week 26 (Mon - Wed)
The start of the week was really quiet, I was off Wednesday due to my ankle sprain a couple of weeks ago, so spent most of Wednesday catching up with the TIVO box.

Week 26 (Thurs-Sun)
The rest of the week was busy, went to see 5 mini plays at Middlesbrough Library, where my partner was part of 1 of the plays.
At work I had UPS coming to pick up some boxes from a previous research team, and on Saturday, me and my partner, with my friend, goddaughter, and stepson to get my goddaughter her birthday present. I got a call from my mother on Saturday to say that 1 of our cats had just given birth to a kitten, so it was a surprise as we thought she might be we just weren't sure.
Sunday we headed up to Teesside Park and had a look at Hobbycraft (post is coming soon)

Smudge's kittens
Here are Smudge's kittens, they are so cute.

Thanks for tuning in


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