Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Papermate InkJoy - And what a joy they are!!

I was in Staples a while ago and picked up a pack of the Papermate InkJoy 500 RT, I picked these up because I liked the design.
Papermate InkJoy 500 RT - Blue
And I am so glad I did these are now my new obsession, they write brilliantly and so smoothly, seriously it's love.

This meant I then had to have a nosy at the rest of the InkJoy range and found the 700RT.

700 RT
These write brilliantly as well, it must be just the InkJoy range, these are now joining my list of favourite pens (and fair enough it is a long list, but they are definitely at the top).

So welcome InkJoy to a long hard slog of Book journal entries, bashing about in my bag, nearly being swiped at work, and being lost under the bed in a mad dash to find my work uniform.

Thanks for tuning in.


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