Monday, 25 March 2013

Obsessions, Part 1: Lip Balm

As you can gather I love stationery, but another of my biggest vices (of which I have many) is lip balm. I have really dry lips and living in the North East of England the weather doesn't exactly help.

Lip Balm collection
 I've never really counted them, but I know I love to be able to have the choice of which one I want to use.

All in it's glory
 As you can see I have so many to choose from, but I love them all.

My top 5 at the moment are:

Cranberry Joy Lip Balm
Cranberry Joy Lip Balm - The Body Shop

I love this lip balm, it has such a nice smell and reminds me of Christmas still (it was part of their Christmas collection), it also doesn't make your lips go claggy.

Raspberry Lemonade Blast - Blistex
Raspberry Lemonade Blast - Blistex

This is a very good lip balm and smells fantastic, a good summery lip balm that helps to chase away the winter blues (and at the moment with the weather the spring blues).

Raspberry Rose Lip Butter - Nivea
Raspberry Rose Lip Butter - Nivea

Love the smell I could smell this all day, only problem is its a tin lip balm and if I'm on the go then it is a bit of a faff to put it on.

Lime Twist - Carmex
Lime Twist - Carmex

This is a really good summery lip balm, with the all to familiar carmex tingle.

M&M's Lip Smacker

M&M's Lip Smacker

What can I say it's chocolate, I got this from M&M's world on my last trip to London, and keep it in my coat pocket so if I need a lip balm quickly it's already there in my coat pocket.

There you a somewhat quick glance into my lip balms (which I think I need to have on rotation so they all get used)

Thanks for tuning in


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