Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Filofax (It's a Union Jack)

During the day I use a Filofax to keep me on the straight and narrow when it comes to planning my day, week, month, and year (I can never remember birthdays, main issue), and I have been using this pocket red one that I got a couple of years ago, and yes it was from an Avon catalogue so no specific brand that I know of (if there was I wasn't paying that much attention).

Pocket Red Filofax
I was in Staples the other day and came across the Vintage Personal Union Jack Filofax for £10 and thought, A: this can't be real, and B: OMFG I need this as it is a Union Jack (I love Union Jacks)

Personal Vintage Union Jack (I Love Love Love It)

So welcome to the new Filofax which is now going to be the prize of my bag (and any usurper filofax has to be pretty damn good to beat this)

Thanks for tuning in.


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