Monday, 5 August 2013

Week #31

Welcome to My Week 31:

Week 30_1
Monday to Wednesday
The start of the week was quite quiet (this was mainly due to the fact that payday was on Wednesday, and both me and my partner were both skint)

To celebrate pay day we decided to do an Orange Wednesday and go and see The World's End (The final in the Cornetto Trilogy starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) - A brilliant movie and I will do a review on that soon.

Week 30_2
Shopping List for the Metro Centre
On saturday we were heading for the Metro Centre, so I had to keep a shopping list of what I wanted (i got everything but these kraft stickies from Paperchase, they seem to have stopped selling them, and I have lost the pack I had - so so so gutted)

Week 30_3
Thursday to Sunday
Thursday was my partners birthday, so we had a little celebration with a cake, and then we were back out the door as we had to head to my friends to get my partylite order (may post re partylite, their candles and especially their melts are fantastic).

Saturday was spent at the Metro spending a small fortune, and Sunday was the biggest day of the Doctor Who calendar, Who was going to be playing the 12th Doctor. This was later revealed to be Peter Capaldi (I am honestly looking forward to what Peter Capaldi can bring to The Doctor, don't get me wrong I loved David Tennant and Matt Smith, but Capaldi can take this into a whole new direction)

Thanks for tuning in


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