Sunday 10 November 2013

My Week #45

Welcome to my Week #45

Week #45 Part 1
Week 45 Part 1

The first half of the week was busy, I had three days off of work, so it was spent, in the local town centre shopping (naturally).

Tuesday we went to a furniture scheme to have a look for a new bed frame as ours broke and we managed to pick a nice one up for £60 and it doesn't have wooden slats its a metal mesh which is fantastic.

Wednesday, was spent in Middlesbrough shopping, and we went to see Thor: The Dark World, brilliant movie (review to come soon).

Week #45 Part 2
Week 45 Part 2
Thursday, and it was back to work, but on the evening I had to get myself sorted out as I was going out on Friday night, so I needed to find my hair straighteners and straighten my hair, and paint my nails (My Vampire is Buff - O.P.I) to match my outfit.

Friday was spent at work, and on the night I went to my partners work do, it was a leaving do for one of their staff and partners had been invited. We ended up leaving at 10PM as my partner was feeling under the weather and he just wanted to curl up in bed.

Saturday was spent having a lie in before we had to go and collect my stepson, and try to keep him entertained.

Sunday has been spent just having a really lazy day of doing nothing, barring blog write ups, blog planning for the week and typing up my blog posts.

thanks for tuning in


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